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Listen Now: OnCue - The Chip [prod. Billy Wonka & LifeOfTheo]

Love him or hate him, you have to give daps to OnCue for the onslaught of new music he’s been releasing in 2020. It’s one thing to drop a lot of songs, but when you couple quantity with quality it’s on a whole different level. When OnCue emerged with his 2.0 energy a couple years ago, it was evident he had tapped into a new headspace and discovered a new direction. Never one to settle or get comfortable, Cuey has consistently stepped up his game with each drop since. And now? He’s releasing the best music of his career, complete with intricate soundscapes and vibrant prose. He keeps things simple but within that simplicity is an emotive, vibrant and complex journey into the head, heart and life of OnCue.

Love him or hate him, OnCue is doing OnCue. And it’s a fucking beautiful experience to witness.

“The Chip” is a celebration – it’s good vibes, confidence and raising a glass to the victories while tipping his cap to the setbacks. And it’s a big ol’ bird flipped at anyone who doubts him, tries to stand in his way or throws shade. “The Chip,” in all its braggadocious glory, is so far from arrogant. It’s a testament to the internal fire being fanned by confidence, by believing in yourself and by not paying mind to the naysayers. “The Chip” is like medicine for any person – young or old – who might feel lost, confused or unsure of their path as they’re maneuvering through this life. It’s an ode to keeping on, moving forward and enjoying life the whole way through – regardless of whether each moment is a high or a low. OnCue has been low, he’s been high and he’s here today, celebrating the ride.

The impassioned crooning feels at home placed within the confines of Billy Wonka and LifeOfTheo’s atmospheric production. “The Chip” has a big game feel to it; the part of the movie where the protagonist lifts themselves up, overcomes the odds and sets off for bigger and better things. Man, I was having a wavy day when Cuey dropped this one. Soon as “The Chip” played through, I felt like I had just been kicked in the ass, shoulders dusted off and was suddenly inspired to get up out the cloudy headspace I was sitting in.

Expect the visual sometime in the future. Until then, “The Chip” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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