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Listen Now: OnCue - GET OFF ME [prod. Turbz]

When OnCue says he’s about to drop a new record, you never really know what type of energy he’ll be coming through with. Dude has proven over time he’s a layered artist, one that clearly possesses the ability to rap, croon, wild out or keep things somber. Fuck, sometimes he’ll hit you with a little bit of everything and then some. With “GET OFF ME,” fans are left with another bop from Cuey – one that’ll leave you searching for the nearest mosh pit. To say the Turbz-laced record is high energy would not be doing it true justice – listeners will be amped up, ready to break shit and overflowing with confidence to go out and get it.

And yet, in true OnCue fashion, “GET OFF ME” is wondrously balanced, featuring straight up impassioned yelling and some slick vocals. Of course, the singing quickly gives way to more emotional shouting into the mic, keeping the explosive energy flowing steady from start to finish. It’s quite easy to get lost in this one, as the knocking of the production couples with Cuey’s delivery to create a hyped up anthem that makes it hard to stay seated – you’ll want to get up and mob around the room as “GET OFF ME” erupts from the speakers. This gives the track a multidimensional essence, forcing you to reign yourself in to actually capture the depth behind his words – he’s not just shouting; the lyrical content is blossoming from very real emotions and perspective.

Recorded upon his return to NY, “GET OFF ME” is the sonic manifestation of OnCue’s response to the sudden change of attitude he encountered. When he left for LA, people weren’t as ready to dap him up or ride his wave. Now that he’s made a bit of a splash – which is silly if you consider the resume prior to leaving NY – clout chasers and dick riders are eager to hop on the bandwagon. Fortunately, Cuey isn’t here for it…and even more fortunately, it results in a banger like “GET OFF ME.”

Turbz makes sure OnCue has plenty of room to go off, filling the landscape of “GET OFF ME” with vibrant, clashing production that suits the tone of our protagonist beautifully. There’s awareness, frustration and that updated 2.0 energy present throughout the track, all of which come together to form our latest glimpse into the headspace of OnCue.

“GET OFF ME” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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