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Watch Now: OnCue - Amends [prod. Billy Wonka & LifeOfTheo]

Alright, listen…I have a handful of “favorite” artists and I’m sure you do, too. You know, the ones who drop and it doesn’t matter what the record is on, it just hits different. Like, somehow, no matter how different y’all are or how unconnected you are IRL, that music just speaks on your life, your emotions, your attitude and all that. It’s like the song was composed based on where you’re at in your life – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Guys, that’s what makes music so fucking beautiful and so special. Because we all have those artists and those songs and those albums. And we don’t all have the same ones. At the end of the day, that’s the underlying essence of Hxppy Thxxghts – no matter what you’re going through, you can press play on something and it’s going to lift you up and make you feel right again.

I’ve said it before on these pages and I’m sure I’ll say it again – OnCue is that artist for me. The music really plays like a soundtrack to my life, and has been for years now. Fast forward from my days as a youth to modern times, and Cuey is still releasing cuts that serve as a reflection of my head, heart and energy. Each joint dropped in 2020 has been a musical manifestation of my mood this year and it’s great to know that soundtrack continues with “Amends.”

The cool thing is, I know I’m not alone. Thanks to how authentic and raw the music is, there’s no doubt it’s striking the same chords deep within the psyche of many other individuals across the globe. And that’s dope.

“Amends” is a testament to moving on, letting go and not looking back. We can celebrate our successes, focus all of our energy into bettering our own situations and learn from all the shit life throws at us. And, in the meantime, we don’t have to rebuild any bridges the Universe has decided to destroy – ’cause once you start poppin’, a lot of flakes are about to come out looking to link up again. It’s one thing to forgive, especially when you’re doing it to cleanse your own karma and get the weight of angst off your shoulders. But just because you forgive doesn’t mean you have any obligation to let those people back into your circle or your life.

Another new track from OnCue, another vibrant anthem. Feel yourself getting amped up and inspired as Cuey’s delivery bounces on top of the thunderous tide that is Billy Wonka and LifeOfTheo’s production. Real nice balance of humble and cocky here, Ric Flair struttin’ all over the fine line that separates the two.

“Amends” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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