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Watch Now: OnCue - 2.0 [prod Alex Lustig]

OnCue has, for better or worse, stayed ahead of the curve over the course of his lengthy career. Long before it was the popular medium used to share and stream music, Cuey was making the most of the Internet in order to create and build both his sound and his professional relationships. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say your favorite rappers, at some point or another, took a few notes from the CT-born and now LA-based OnCue’s playbook when they first began dipping their toes in the waters of social media and online music sharing.

The Logan Meis-directed “2.0” encapsulates this saga, drawing upon both nostalgic and modern technology in order to showcase the ever-evolving enigma that is OnCue. Throughout the video, viewers see the artist surrounded by landline phones, bulky desktop computers, camcorders, CD players, and more. Of course, never one to keep his focus on the past, Cuey emerges in the form of a memoji and is seen with a VR headset, complete with the latest smartphone – he’s able to take all he’s learned from the countless lessons he’s thrived through, couple that with his present attitude and mindset, and use both to forge a path towards the future in a fashion only OnCue can do. Upgraded and updated, it’s a lethal combination that truly exemplifies the sonic landscape currently being paved by OnCue 2.0.

Originally released in November of last year, the Alex Lustig-produced “2.0” marked the official launch of OnCue’s I Hate Me Too roll-out. With reason to celebrate, and his new album on the horizon, it was only right Cuey returned to the first single and provided it with the appropriate visual treatment. “2.0” is an anthem of a record and the music video is both fun and meaningful. Amongst the tongue-in-cheek self-depreciation is raw confidence and an empowering sense of self-awareness – it’s been a long journey, filled with highs and lows, but OnCue is ready to dive into himself, personally and artistically, in a way even his longtime fans have yet to experience.

Although the release date is still unannounced, I Hate Me Too is on the way.

Experience “2.0” below.

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