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Listen Now: Noé - Rabbit Hole

If you’ve been riding the waves of Noé’s releases this year then you’ve been fortunate to experience the spectrum of emotional expression shared by the Paris-born and LA-based artist. Dancing elegantly between anxiety, self-love, depression and empowerment, Noé has already displayed how vast her songwriting and storytelling abilities are, which couple wondrously with the dreamy essence of her vocals. The music makes you feel – what exactly you feel depends on where Noé decides to take listeners over the course of each unique musical journey. As the release of i by Noé, the debut project from Noé, approaches, the songstress rattles the cage of expectations with the liberation of “Rabbit Hole.”

Far less structured than her previous singles, “Rabbit Hole” erupts to the surface with its raw, unfiltered and gritty foundation. It’s as though Noé recognized the direction listeners felt her music was taking and, rather than find herself boxed in, she tore down those chains of expectations. And, man, what a beautiful experience “Rabbit Hole” becomes with the distorted, knocking electronic foundation paving the way for Noé’s ethereal and enigmatic vocals. The ways in which the various pieces of the single are layered, overlapping in an almost cluttered fashion, yet so pristine in their balance – it’s breathtaking; gorgeous in its dysfunctional vibe.

Production on “Rabbit Hole” comes courtesy of Matt Parad and Jerry Folk, who undoubtedly play a crucial role in helping this record reach its highest potential. Noé has noted she has a close circle of producers who help to bring her visions to life and, with each new release, it becomes even more evident how magical these creative sessions have been.

“Rabbit Hole” is available now on all major streaming platforms. And, in case you missed it, you can read our interview with Noé here.

Stream and watch the lyric video below.


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