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Watch Now: Noé - Color

Noé has been nothing short of enchanting with her i by noé releases thus far and she continues the successful roll-out of the forthcoming EP with an ingenius ode to an all too familiar battle with depression and anxiety. Masterfully composed as if it were referencing an ex-lover or an abusive relationship, “Color” features picturesque storytelling and evocative imagery all of which is contained in Noé’s feathery, dreamlike delivery.

Taking a step away from the tongue-in-cheek self-depreciation that brought life to “Pity Party” and “Puzzles,” the third single off i by noé is an honest anthem rooted in empowerment. Floating over simple instrumentation from Matt Parad, “Color” features the Paris-born and LA-based Noé acknowledging the toxic relationship while taking control back and turning the struggle with depression into a means of self-realization and enfranchisement. The songstress understands the necessity of confronting the demons in order to remove the chains and shackles placed upon her life.

Directed by Juliette Labrousse, “Color” offers an aesthetically gripping representation of depression, anxiety and the determination to thrive through and beyond the mental, emotional and physical constraints. While the “colors” are coming back to Noé’s life, the low-quality, home movie essence of the video helps showcase the ongoing battle that is taking place – she’s winning the fight but it has not, and possibly will, never end completely. Viewers also witness Noé in a wig, burying items under the coupled glow of headlights and the moonlight. Perhaps this represents Noé letting go of the attachments – both physical and emotional – that continue to hold back her healing, growth, health and overall well-being.  Nonetheless, it’s a scene that certainly adds an element of ambiguity to “Color”, as it leaves a lot up to the interpretation and imagination of the audience.

With i by noé tentatively arriving this spring, “Color” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play below.


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