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Nite Owl Engages His Fans with His “Call and Response” Song ‘I Rap’


In 2018, Nite Owl won a song contest with the St. Louis Cardinals. Currently, he’s featured on the baseball team’s theme song, ‘Cardinal Nation: Hearts Are Pumpin.’ His sweet blend of musical styles embodies the integrity of underground lyrical hip-hop music, while also hitting the characteristics of commercial mass appeal.

Nite Owl has written, recorded, and released 22 independent studio albums throughout his music career. His fans and critics have compared him to artists like Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, and Common. During performances, Nite Owl uniquely carries out his music with a live band and DJ. This makes his shows exciting and new.

His single, ‘I Rap,’ combines some of the best-crafted kicks and snares with the classic flow of a ‘90s vibe emcee. It’s a dance record with more radio sound. Nite Owl shares, “It’s the first record on my album because it’s the most upbeat and tone-setter for the project. I’m a Boom Bap Rapper, so it’s a good mix without compromising who I am.”

‘I Rap’ is a small reminder of what Nite Owl does for a living. It’s a song that would work well at a live show because it’s partly a “Call and Response.” Nite Owl calls, “If you hear me and you feel me, let me hear me, let me hear you say who rocks the best,” and the audience responds with “You rock the best.” The song is meant to engage fans and be a party lifter at a show or get-together.


Listen to Nite Owl’s ‘I Rap’ on YouTube.

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