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Listen Now: NIKO IS - Meet Me in the Future [prod. Thanks Joey]

NIKO IS has a new album on the way so take a moment to send your praises to whatever Higher Power you believe in.

And then prepare yourself for the chilluminated ride that is “Meet Me in the Future”, because NIKO’s latest is an absolute trip. From start to finish – as he’s been doing for as long as he’s been hitting your ears with his art – the best hair in the biz proves once again just how good with the energy he actually is.

You would be hard pressed to find an artist in any genre of music that consistently comes through with such a cool, confident and smooth delivery. The world traveling and Florida-based NIKO has an unmatched ability to fill a track with content that is seemingly all over the place but somehow presented in such a clear and distinguished manner.

Switching up languages throughout the song, NIKO IS demonstrates exactly what he means when he proclaims that vibes don’t lie. As you listen, even if you don’t know what he’s saying, the energy brought forth throughout the three and a half minute “Meet Me in the Future” guides you where you need to go in order to experience the music as NIKO intends.

Between verses, the listener is on the receiving end of some sultry vocals and even a little call and response. There’s such a beautiful collection of culture taking place here, it will leave you running the track back to catch the same energy time and time again.

And this is not with out serious props to Thanks Joey, the man behind quite a few of NIKO’s rappitzers. With his own stellar new project out, Joey makes sure to give his family the cream of the crop, lacing NIKO’s delivery with some of the most unique production I’ve heard in recent memory. I mean, like, what even is this? Thanks Joey sat in the studio and cooked up some elegant futuristic instrumentation that is so rooted in a plethora of cultural vibes. Man, get your dancing shoes out for this one.

This is the type of music that warms your soul and opens your mind. It’s feel good and thought provoking. Vibes on vibes on vibes. Chill recognize chill.

UNIKO is on the way.

“Meet Me in the Future” is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

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