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Watch Now: NIKO IS - Meet Me in the Future [prod. Thanks Joey]

A week ago, NIKO IS blessed fans with a glimpse into the future as he liberated the Thanks Joey-produced “Meet Me in the Future“, offering listeners some highly anticipated insight as to what vibes might accompany his upcoming UNIKO project.

Now, NIKO brings viewers deep into the jungles of his homeland as he links with Talib Kweli and some visually stunning natives for his “Meet Me in the Future” visuals.

Filmed in Rio de Janeiro, NIKO’s latest release juxtaposes shots of the Colours artist and the Javotti head living life in Brazil with vivid captures of NIKO journeying into the depths of the jungle to rendezvous with a breathtaking Goddess. Surrounded by the prolific greenery and reflective water, NIKO & ko. put on full display the reality of putting in the work and manifesting the life you desire.

From my perspective, beyond the enchanting scenery and hypnotic sonic landscape, “Meet Me in the Future” showcases what is possible if you follow your heart, stay true to your vision and – perhaps most importantly – put in the necessary work to bring it all to life. While I don’t know NIKO’s entire backstory, it’s safe to presume the chilluminated chillosopher was not always traveling the world, wining and dining on exotic delicacies while linking with his musical forefathers and the native Queens of his homeland.

But what we see throughout “Meet Me in the Future” is actually the lifestyle NIKO is living these days – it’s not a masquerade or illusion utilized to fulfill stereotypical hip-hop tropes. The best hair in the biz is living the life so many dream of because he has paid his dues, made the right sacrifices, and put in the work and dedication to bring it all to life. As we’ve noted here before, NIKO really is good with that energy.

One of the highlights of the visual experience is how the edits throughout the video couple so elegantly with the Thanks Joey-produced instrumentation. Just as Joey’s production managed to capture cultural vibes while simultaneously dancing with futuristic sounds, the music video highlights the natural beauty of Brazil and Her people while warping the images with finely added edits and glitches.

Following the release of NIKO’s latest, it was revealed that UNIKO will feature guest appearances from Kweli, Curren$y, Styles P and Tego Calderon. And even more production from Thanks Joey.

UNIKO is on the way.

Enjoy the visual trip that is “Meet Me in the Future” below.


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