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Watch Now: NIKO IS - COCA [prod. Thanks Joey]

It’s become trendy for individuals to flex on social media about how they’re living their best life. But, because socials are the flex zones, seldom are these people actually out making the most of their physical existence here on Earth.

Florida-by-way-of-Brasil artist NIKO IS does not need to flex for the double taps. Fresh off the release of UNIKO, his sophomore full-length, the best hair in the biz is truly traveling the world, doing what he loves, living his best life. And his latest visual experience for the Thanks Joey-produced “COCA” helps to capture the raw, unfiltered essence of dope that is NIKO’s journey and life.

Channeling the late, great Hunter S. Thompson with some welcomed Fear and Loathing energy, NIKO and Joey find a way to capture their audio dopeness in visual form. And the result is an aesthetically enchanting music video that leaves the viewer feeling as though they were along for the ride/trip/adventure.

Vibes don’t lie and “COCA” is a vibe personified, the combination of Joey’s production and NIKO’s delivery encompassing the listener in a comforting, warm embrace. As has become somewhat of an expectation, the musical offering of these Colours cohorts will leave your mind journeying through the cosmos while your feet are making a dance floor out of whatever surface they’re planted upon.

The Narcy-directed visual catches the thematic vibe change that accompanies the sonic switch presented through Thanks Joey’s instrumentation. We travel through light and darkness throughout “COCA”, but it’s good energy and love all the way through.

UNIKO, which was entirely produced by Thanks Joey, is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music.

Hit play below to turn on, tune in and vibe out with NIKO below.

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