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Natalie Green - ABBE

After releasing his debut EP, Natalie Green Is My Lover, in 2017, Natalie Green has been dedicating most of his time to assisting his friends with the creation of their music and videos. Fortunately, as 2018 comes to a close, the talented artist returns his focus – at least publicly – to the liberation of his own content.

Green’s latest release comes in the form of “ABBE”, a record featuring a nostalgic sounding vibe coupled with a modernized energy. One might catch bits and pieces of the song that bring to mind fleeting memories of different classic rock bands – a testimony to Green’s ability to find inspiration while still presenting a final product that is distinctively his own. With it’s airy, trance-inducing sound, “ABBE” finds a way to leave listeners with a simultaneously active yet lethargic headspace.

“ABBE” captivates listeners with overpowering production, the sonically gratifying instrumentation forcing Green’s vocals to float in the background. By no means is this a bad thing either, as it adds a unique element to “ABBE”, drawing even closer attention from the listener as they get lost in the music while attempting to capture Green’s lyrical content.

“ABBE” is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Preview the new music below.

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