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Nandan’s ‘Mental’ Is About Losing Your Sanity During Quarantine


Nandan is a Bangladeshi-born singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada. He has multiple styles when it comes to creating songs. Even his musical influences vary from time to time. Therefore, it is hard to pin down what Nandan’s genre is. For him, his music is “something for everyone.”

Nandan labels himself as an “experimental” artist. His songs are unpredictable, and it gives an element of surprise to his audience. One thing is for sure with Nandan, in every track he presents catchy choruses with unusual topics. He wants to prove that great music can be made in any style.

With his new single, ‘Mental,’ he talks about how a man loses his sanity while being quarantined, but at the same time gaining a clearer vision of reality. Nandan shares that the song is partially inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and the mental effects one can have.

Nandan was influenced by the works of Tyler, the Creator and Eminem while working on ‘Mental.’ He hopes that his audience can relate to the lyricism of the song. What Nandan wants is nothing but to create authentic music. He listens to all kinds of music for inspiration, from 1970’s funk to 1980’s rock.

Watch the music video for ‘Mental’ on YouTube.

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