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Watch Now: Nahko & Ayla Nereo - Tus Pies (Your Feet) (Live)

While I’m still taking some time to sit with and unpack “Garden,” the latest single from Nahko And Medicine For The People, here’s a gorgeous acoustic performance of “Tus Pies.”

My personal favorite song off HOKA, “Tus Pies” is an enchanting ode to the allies, anchors and support. No matter where you are at in your life, you’ve been on the receiving end of blessings from the pillars – both physical and mystical – that have helped to guide and support your journey. To all our ancestors, all the spirits and beings who have loved and allowed us to return that love back into the Universe. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.

While on tour last year, Nahko and Ayla Nereo would join together each night for a duet, forging their vocal prowess for “Tus Pies.” On the last night of the tour, the MFTP representative and Nereo sat in the empty Crystal Ballroom in Portland, bringing the HOKA record to life once more. Coupled with the natural energy that flowed between them, the acoustic performance radiates with gratitude, love and the glowing aura of medicine emanating from the airy delivery and lightly strummed guitar. Simple in essence, viewers are able to witness the transcendental force moving through the song as both artists recite the lovely prose.

Take Your Power Back, the forthcoming album from Nahko And Medicine For The People, will be available everywhere on May 15th. You can pre-order/save the album here.

Press play on “Tus Pies” below.

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