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Listen Now: Myya's Diary - Are You Scared Of Love? (feat. Kiki Rowe)

Boy, let me tell you, it has been an absolute pleasure experiencing the emergence of Myya’s Diary since the liberation of “Anxiety” late last year. The young songstress has kept her releases to a minimum, allowing each new drop to resonate deeply before swooping back in with her next emotive display of prose. And it’s with good reason – the music Myya has shared thus far contain wildly personal content, quite literally offering listeners glimpses into the diary that is her head and heart space. Although relatively simple in terms of production and packaging, both “Anxiety” and “Is It Just Me?” are jarring records with the capacity to send listeners on a reflective deep dive into their own psyche.

Myya is back now with a new joint, joining forces with her equally talented older sister for “Are You Scared Of Love?”

I have to keep it a buck here – this is a collaboration I’ve lowkey been anticipating since first being put on to Myya’s sounds. You see, back when I was first finding my footing in the world of music journalism – the “blogosphere,” if you will – I was an avid stan of Kiki Rowe. There’s even an interview out there that features Kiki answering questions coming at her awkardly by yours truly *Kanye shrug*. Truth be told, I still listen to Kiki’s self-titled EP every now and then. So, in my mind at least, it was only a matter of time before Myya and Kiki came together on wax.

“Are You Scared Of Love?” features the sisters trading verses over some simplistic but ethereal production. Daps and pounds to the sisterly bond, because everything about this track feels so natural. There’s a calming yet impassioned delivery from Myya and Kiki, who wear their hearts on their respective sleeves throughout “Are You Scared Of Love?.” No matter the demographic you fall in, the content here will hit you in the feels and you’ll be able to relate – through reflection or from a current placement in your life. And it’s simply sonic beauty when the record layers their voices – hopefully this isn’t the last time we hear Myya and Kiki bless the same record.

“Are You Scared Of Love” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Catch the feels below.

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