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Listen Now: Myya - Anxiety

I’m not sure what’s in the water at the Rowe residence – but whatever it is, it certainly results in some incredible musical talent. Back in my early days of blogging, I found myself enchanted with the sonic stylings of Kiki Rowe and, through following her journey, I was introduced to Myya. On socials, I’d see bits and pieces of Myya doing her thing on the production side of the equation but it turns out the younger Rowe has the vocal game on lock as well. With “Anxiety,” Myya comes through with a chilling glimpse into her headspace, taking listeners on a journey inward as she maneuvers through her darkness.

The record plays like a page ripped from the confines of her diary, telling a beautifully honest and pure tale of feeling broken but never losing site of the healing process. The honesty encapsulated within Myya’s prose allows for “Anxiety” to become an instantly relatable experience – it may be her experience, but it’s sure to mirror the saga of so many listeners. As Myya delivers her heartfelt words, one can feel the raw emotion radiating from her voice. Transcending the lyrical content, the energy contained within the sonic space of “Anxiety” says just as much as the words themselves.

From start to finish, “Anxiety” features unabashed realness, standing prominently in Myya’s transparency. The song is stripped down and simple, as the Canadian-bred artist bares her naked soul, free from any masks, flash, glitz or glam.

Press play on “Anxiety” below.


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