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Listen Now: Myles Cameron - Picket Fences [prod. Frankis]

“Picket Fences” takes listeners along for the ride as Myles Cameron journeys through the confusion and suppression of coming of age as a young black man in a predominately white suburban environment. And, man, what a beautiful, sonically enchanting job he does doing so.

The heartfelt, emotional vibe present throughout paints with vivid imagery the hopes, fears, dreams, aspirations and pains experienced by Cameron as he discovers and grows into the true essence of himself in a world that has a long, sorrowful history saturated with social and racial hatred and violence – perhaps, thanks to the uprising of social networking, apparent on a wider scale now more than ever.

With “Picket Fences”, we are able to gain first hand perspective of Cameron’s growing self-awareness and confidence. While the track is not overly complicated, it comes forth with a powerful and moving message that is able to emanate from the music in a clear and concise fashion. As Myles attempts to make sense of his environment, both locally and globally, he is also coming to a deeper understanding of himself, his outlook and views, and how it all relates to his personal journey.

Backed by production that comes courtesy of Frankis, the full product captures a strong energy that evokes concurrent desires to dive into deep thought and vibe around the room to the uplifting spirit of “Picket Fences”. On full display is Cameron’s witty lyricism, taking the serious subject matter and littering it with sharp quips and amusing, mindful content.

“Picket Fences” serves as the first release off Myles Cameron’s forthcoming sophomore mixtape.

Hit play below.

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