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Watch Now: Murs & Dee-1 - They Don't Want Me to Win [prod. Curtiss King]

Woo! With their collaborative project on the horizon, Murs and Dee-1 liberate another joint that’ll find life on I’m The Rapper, He’s The Christian. This time around, listeners find themselves on the receiving end of a vibrant banger of a record, chalk full of powerful prose, fiery energy and bouncing production that illuminates the message from both emcees.

The juxtaposed delivery that exists between Murs and Dee-1 on “They Don’t Want Me to Win” allows the track to pop in a way I was not expecting. Murs kicks things off, rolling through with a smooth, stoic and matter-of-fact flow – the legend in the flesh spits game about keeping his circle tight and focusing his energy on the people and places that are important. The New Orleans-bred Dee-1 catches listeners slightly off guard with his amped up, explosive delivery as he kicks rhymes about the naysayers while still keeping his positive energy and intentions shining brightly.

This one goes hard, filling your headspace with the thoughts and vibes that’ll help elevate you to a higher level while still keeping the sonic landscape saturated with bounce-around-the-room energy. Serious daps and pounds to Murs, Dee-1 and Curtiss King for cooking up such an engaging track.

“They Don’t Want Me to Win” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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