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Watch Now: MURF - Winslow [prod. Accent]

I’ve been following the musical journey of MURF since 2013, shortly after ClaS!cK released their FLINGS project. In the roughly five years that have passed since that introduction, I can’t recall any solo releases from MURF.

That all changes with the liberation of “WINSLOW”.

Shot by Bklyn and directed by Joey Batts, “WINSLOW” masterfully expresses so much with an immensely minimalist approach. For nearly three minutes, viewers are exposed to images of MURF running – occasionally he glances back over his shoulder, sometimes we see him from the front and other times the video captures him from the back. That’s it – scenic landscape and MURF running.

Because it’s never revealed “what” MURF is running from, the door is left wide open for interpretation. Upon listening to the lyrical content and examining the overall tone of “WINSLOW”, one may reach certain conclusions but the ambiguous ambiance that encompasses the entirety of the visual results in a layered, deep and thought-provoking experience for MURF’s audience.

It is only in the last few moments of the video that any sort of special effects come into play. Thanks to the lack of bells, whistles and flash – and the notably limited use of any special editing – “WINSLOW” ends up being a breath of fresh air, in which the simplistic scenes and musical content are left to capture the attention of those who watch/listen. It’s the quality of MURF’s art, not the added flair, that captivate the viewers.

MURF comes through with a simultaneously passionate and calm delivery, finding a fine balance of passion, frustration and acceptance with his lyrics. In an almost erie way, he’s capturing an essence of life on this one, bringing to light certain all-encompassing elements of any individual’s day to day journey that is this wild ride called life – we all may be individuals, but the common ground found with and between MURF’s words cause “WINSLOW” to strike a chord with anybody who takes the time to truly experience the new release.

I love what ClaS!cK has brought to life over their years working together. But I’m beyond excited to continuing seeing both MURF and RUDY break new ground with their solo work. With “WINSLOW” out now, here’s to hoping MURF let’s more loose from the vault sooner rather than later.

Experience the Accent-produced “WINSLOW” below.

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