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Watch Now: Murf - Stone Cold

Now that everyone else is locked up in quarantine, it looks like Murf has decided to come out of hibernation and stomp a couple mudholes.

*glass shatters*

It’s been a minute since we last heard from the CT-bred Murf, who has slowly and steadily been carving out his own lane as a solo artist after gaining traction as 1/2 of ClaS!cK. Life be like that sometime, but with the release of “Stone Cold” hopefully we start hearing more regular music from Murf as 2020 rolls along in it’s fucked up glory.

“Stone Cold” shines a spotlight on Murf’s ability to couple sharp lyricism with aggressively energetic delivery. This one is a sonic Stunner, pun absolutely intended. From the bars to the beat, “Stone Cold” is an in-your-face, impassioned anthem. And it leaves the listener plenty hyped to mosh around their living room, double fisting a couple cold ones, opening up a can of whoop ass on whoever gets within their 6-foot social distance bubble.

The accompanying visual makes for a perfect tag-team partner for the record, showcasing Murf inside the squared circle as he goes one-on-one with Bobby Ocean. As the action of the flick couples with the slick shooting, “Stone Cold” is a perfect viewing experience for anyone who shares of love for rap and wrestling.

Press play below. WHAT!? Watch the video. WHAT!? “Stone Cold” is available below. WHAT!?


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