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Watch Now: MURF - NEVA [prod. RUDY]

It’s been over a year since we last heard something new from MURF, who dropped “Winslow” right around this time in 2018. But the CT-bred creative returns this week with “NEVA,” a harrowingly catchy sonic presentation of his turbulent headspace. Backed by the jazzy bounce of RUDY’s instrumentation, MURF takes listeners on a journey through his flowing streams of consciousness as he finds glimpses of comfort within the chaotic confusion.

“NEVA” is at once calming yet powerfully emotive, with MURF filling the sonic landscape with sharp lyricism saturated with personal and revealing content. As the music washes over the listener, it becomes increasingly easy to relate to MURF’s prose, with lines like “being at the top and then falling out your cockpit” quickly striking a chord deep within the psyches of all those who ride the waves of life’s highs and lows. The record feels like a finely juxtaposed anthem of the battle and balance between light and dark that exists inside and outside all of us. It’s an ongoing tug-of-war between mental incarceration and spiritual freedom – so easy to become a prisoner of oneself despite the hopeful light that flickers within us. But that’s what makes “NEVA” so rewarding for the listener – we can feel the aura of hopefulness that encompasses MURF, even as the clouds of confusion float overhead.

The accompanying visual, directed by Peter JT, captures the darkness and light of MURF’s delivery. Viewers witness contrasting scenes of the hued inside and the vibrant outside, revealing the overarching dichotomy of mental prison and spiritual liberation. In both cases, MURF is present in his solitude yet the light shines brighter when he’s surrounded by the healing essence of nature.

Welcome back, MURF. It’s great to hear from you again.

Press play on “NEVA” below.

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