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Listen Now: MNYS - UNSAD

We’ve seen MNYS grace the pages of Hxppy Thxxghts thanks to his work alongside OnCue but today it’s with great pleasure we share “UNSAD,” the recent solo release from the LA-based musician. For nearly 4 minutes, listeners are taken on a reflective and contemplative journey through sound, complete with airy vocals that seem to float over the gentle, rolling tide of the self-produced record. When this track found its way into my inbox about a week before the official release, I was honestly blown away by the ethereal soundscape. Whether his work over the last few years was tagged with MNYS or Nick Cozine, I had become fairly familiar with his sonic offerings – or so I thought.

“UNSAD” feels like MNYS is finally stepping out to showcase exactly how vast his artistic and technical skills actually are. Aside from the dreamlike vocals, the new joint features wondrously intricate production that is at once comfortingly smooth and flawlessly cluttered. The various instrumentation is layered, with each note striking a different chord in the psyche of the listener – while the lyrics tell a beautiful story in their own right, listeners experience a moving ride through MNYS’s head and heart space thanks to the emotive stream of instrumentation. And in the last 30 seconds of “UNSAD,” the melodic flow gives way to a far more chaotic onslaught of sounds, truly capturing the cognitive dissonance of the entire song.

Through his lyrics, MNYS displays purity as he contemplates the journey of his life in recent years and the ways his professional moves have rippled into his personal relationships. Listeners aren’t getting an answer from Cozine as to how to balance personal aspirations with relationships. Rather, we hear an artist who has achieved goals, pushed himself past those goals as he sets his sights on even higher peaks and now must face the fallout of both physical and emotional moves. At what cost is it all worth it? MNYS is still figuring that out and “UNSAD” offers a raw and emotive reflection with our protagonist acknowledging the present state of confusion and uncertainty that has emerged from sacrifices he has made to get to this point in his life and career.

“UNSAD” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.


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