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Stream: Michael Kirby - Spying on Heaven

I have to be honest – there is a strong desire to prelude any discussion of Spying on Heaven with a backstory or two, chronicling the lapse of time that has taken place in between musical offerings from Michael Kirby. But, at the end of the day, I don’t know the real details and there is never a need to deal in rumors or innuendos. So, rather than spend unnecessary time away from the music at hand, I’m going to listen to my heart and focus instead on the gratitude I’ve been feeling all day thanks to our first project from Michael Kirby – formerly Mic Kurb – in what feels like ages.

Spying on Heaven is smoothness personified, as Kirb’s delivery on each of the album’s ten tracks radiates with a fortified sense of self-awareness amidst constant self-discovery. We hear stories from a young man, told through his lyrics but felt through his energy and demeanor. Listeners are welcomingly opened to Kirby’s headspace, discovering a vast spectrum of emotions that are rooted in love. And thanks to the enchanting execution on display from Michael Kirby, coupled with the softly guiding instrumentation, Spying on Heaven is as sonically pleasing and comforting a listener experience as you’ll get this year.

The album teasingly gives listeners a beautifully crafted collection of music to enjoy while still leaving more to selfishly be desired. With two joints off the project clocking in at barely 30 seconds, it’s as if Kirby is letting us know the story – his story – is just beginning. There’s more to be revealed and even more for Kirby to continue learning and growing into.

Of course, this could merely be wishful thinking on my part. Spying on Heaven might be the last we hear from Kirby for a while, as he returns to living his life away from a music-related spotlight. If that’s the case, then I can rest easy knowing we got at least one more project from one of my favorite artists of all time.

A testament to the quality of character that exists within Kirby, 100% of net revenue from album streams and purchases will be donated to Food Bank for New York City. As he begins another journey around the sun, Michael Kirby actively does his part to be of service to others – if you were to decide to purchase Spying on Heaven to support Kirby on his Born Day, that support would instantly be turned around and gifted to those in need.


For those curious about the breakdown of what each stream or purchase does, Kirby released a convenient little graphic:

Enjoy Spying on Heaven now via your favorite streaming platform or find it directly on the official Music Makes Meals website.

Preview Kirb’s project below.

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