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Listen Now: Michael Kirby - MO'EFFORT

When it comes to new music, few things in recent memory have filled me with as much joy as seeing Michael Kirby share new sounds with the world. After making the selfless transition out of the public spotlight a few years ago to focus on his education – which blossomed into a teaching gig that provides a very real opportunity to influence the youth in a BIG way – Kirby returned to the music world with Spying On Heaven last December. Transcending the overwhelmingly picturesque music, the project served as a vehicle to help raise support for Food Bank for New York City – no matter what way you looked at it, Spying On Heaven was beautiful music for a beautiful cause. At the risk of diving into hyperbole, Kirby exemplifies the type of character that truly makes the world a better place.

And, fortunately for music lovers, he also has a keen ability to create ethereal records that couple together vibey sonic foundations with content that resonates deep within the psyche of all those who press play.

While Michael has proven over time his adeptness at dancing seamlessly between genres, styles and techniques, his latest offering is a soulful effort that personifies smooth. Featuring self-produced instrumentation that paves a silky path for the artist to glide upon, “MO’EFFORT” is highlighted by Kirby’s soothing vocals. There is no abundance of lexicon, but the simplicity of his word choice emerges as a complex and revealing look at life, potential love, relationships and the forging of companionship.

“MO’EFFORT” includes a finely placed – and played – guitar solo from Colin Moriarty, who adds a new dimension to the track with the interlude-esque strings.

The latest from Michael Kirby is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Enjoy “MO’EFFORT” below.

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