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Watch Now: Michael Franti & Spearhead - Only Thing Missing Was You 2 (feat. HIRIE)

We can wear our favorite pair of rose colored glasses and paint all the pretty little rainbows we want, but the world will still be a crazy place. Of course, crazy doesn’t always mean “bad” – but, for better or worse, you don’t have to look far to see some wild shit going on around you. When times get rough and the world feels a little too crazy, one thing that always helps is a little bit of love. Not that Hallmark card “love,” but real, raw, pure and, most importantly, unconditional Love. Yeah, with the capital “L.”

Michael Franti & Spearhead took a moment to remove those floral hued shades and bring a vibrant testament to the power of love in these tumultuous times. And they enlist HIRIE for the sonic journey. Man, if there is a better combination to make the good vibes crash over your psyche like the cleansing waves of the ocean, please point me in their direction.

“Only Thing Missing Was You 2” radiates to the surface thanks to the ability of both artists to lace their vocals over the vibrantly eclectic jazz-infused reggae instrumentation. It’s a comforting listening experience, documenting the organic growth of that oh so special unconditional love. The track is saturated with good energy, which couples wondrously with the realistic perception of the prose. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the juxtaposition of Franti and HIRIE, who take turns doing their thing before dipping into some lovely harmonizing, complete with smooth adlibs that add another dimension to “Only Thing Missing Was You 2.”

This the type of love you don’t have to search for and you don’t have to force. It’s natural and it’s real. No matter how trying your day may be, no matter how fear-based the current events may seem, “Only Thing Missing Was You 2” is a wondrous reminder – a sonic representation – of what it’s like to come home to someone who comforts and loves you unconditionally. Talkin’ ’bout, “yeah, don’t worry, we got this.”

The record comes to life thanks to the accompanying lyric video, which has engaging DIY vibes that work to showcase the energy of all those who helped make “Only Thing Missing Was You 2” a reality.

Stay Human, Vol. II, the latest album from Michael Franti & Spearhead, is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. And please don’t neglect to sit with HIRIE’s recent Dreamer, which is available here.

Press play below.

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