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Listen Now: Michael Christmas - Young & Foolish [prod. Playa Haze] x Little Bit O' Weed [prod. Deezy Pinder]

As we all sit in uncertainty, riding the waves between creative hopefulness and staring at the walls, Michael Christmas comes rolling through with exactly what the (weed) doctor prescribed. So, don’t worry if you’re getting a bit antsy in the isolation of your room, ’cause the vibes have arrived and it’s time to pull yourself up and get the quarantine party started.

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard something new from Christmas, who let loose a phenomenal flip of “1993” last summer. But the wait is over, as the artist liberated two brand new records this week – the Playa Haze-produced “Young & Foolish” and his Deezy Pinder-laced “Little Bit O’ Weed.” Both joints contain the slick humor we’ve come to love from Christmas, weaving it between reflective and generally thought-provoking prose. And, without question, the tag-team release offers listeners the perfect amount of vibey, start your own dance party in the kitchen energy, providing us with all the positive, uplifting spirit we could ask for.

“Young & Foolish” shines a light on the storytelling ability that stays prominently tucked within the confines of Christmas’ always engaging content. It’s an onslaught of smoothly delivered lyricism, coupled wondrously with tongue-in-cheek commentary and reflective gratitude. Even while he’s tipping his cap to bits of his journey, Christmas remains focused and forward thinking over the course of the celebratory and fun “Young & Foolish.” There’s room for him to make mistakes, to learn and to grow as his music career and life continue to unfold – “Young & Foolish” does a beautiful – and sonically pleasing – job of representing that.

With “Little Bit O’ Weed,” listeners get more of a dreamlike essence from Christmas and the music he’s sharing. Pinder’s instrumentation is anthemic but sitting proudly in the background of the record, allowing Michael Christmas to muse, reflect and dream of what’s to come. Again, it’s not difficult to close your eyes and picture the prose coming to life. And the hook here is a hot knife through warm butter, man. Smooth.

Boy, when Christmas says, “weed got me feelin’ like I’m havin’ a heart attack”…I felt that.

Something about listening to Michael Christmas that just brings me back to simpler times in life. It’s fun to just press play, vibe out and feel that smile creep across your face.

“Young & Foolish” and “Little Bit O’ Weed” are both available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Stay safe, stay healthy and, most importantly, stay happy, y’all.

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