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Listen Now: Mic Q.A - Broken Mic [prod. Levi Ashton]

Man, “Broken Mic” is just what the naturopathic practitioner prescribed. If music was herbal teas, this joint from Mic Q.A would be hittin’ the spot right now. So dose up on the authentic outlook and positive energy of the Levi Ashton-infused “Broken Mic.”

While the music is, simply put, gorgeous, what really radiates from the soundscape is Mic’s raw and honest content. From start to finish, “Broken Mic” is free flowing streams of consciousness – and it ain’t all rainbows and sunshine. The track is littered with a balanced purity that reflects the true to life ebbs and flows we all experience, perhaps more obviously now than ever before. But dude doesn’t stay complacent in the darkness, regardless of how stubborn the clouds overhead may be. Instead, he maneuvers through the manure and keeps a tight grip on gratitude. As we find ourselves locked in quarantine, itching to do front flips when the sun hits, it’s wildly vital to stay positive – whatever that means to you as you journey through the physical in these uncertain times. Of course, no matter how positive you stay, it’s just as important to acknowledge the truth, the darkness and the fear.

Quite a balancing act we gotta do, huh?

But Mic Q.A manifests that balancing act wondrously over Ashton’s jazzy instrumentation. To a certain extent, the smooth production feels like the sun shining through Mic’s cloudy prose. Really a fun listening experience, brought to life by the vibrant juxtaposition of production and lyricism. “Broken Mic” will leave you feeling good and help reassure you that, no matter how cloudy things may seem, it’ll all be alright.

Catch the vibes below.

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