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Listen Now: Megan Vice - Feeling Good (feat. TT The Artist)

F**k a bad vibe. Even amidst the cloudiness that was this past year, it’s vital – perhaps more so than ever before – to take the necessary time to step into your own greatness. Hug yourself. Kiss yourself. Love yourself.

Go on. Do it. I’ll be here when you get back.

You back? OK. Good. How’d that feel? Pretty nice, huh. Well, if the self-love has you lifted, the latest from Megan Vice is sure to amplify that sweetness to even greater heights. Alongside TT The Artist, the always enigmatic Megan Vice slides through with the perfect joint to close out 2020 and welcome in whatever is to come in 2021. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s with the greatest pleasure that I present to you “Feeling Good.”

The Kyle Kelso-produced, disco-infused “Feeling Good” is a vibrant record that serves well for dancing to your hearts content in solitude or in a socially distanced setting. And if you happen to begin bumping and grinding with a partner or two, I’m not here to judge. Close your eyes and you’ll hear the colorful vibrations radiating off this soundscape. Music is medicine and “Feeling Good” is a shot worth taking.

Enough of the COVID-related puns. What a treat it is to experience Vice and TT The Artist on the same track. Both artists have a presentation that compliments the other, allowing the juxtaposed nature of their delivery to add newfound life to the already vivacious vocals. This is what it’s like to hear colors and “Feeling Good” will have you hearing and feeling colors you never knew existed.

Whatever the last 12 months brought into your life, whether it was blessings, lessons or an abundance of both, make sure you dance your way back into some gratitude, love and a little bit of groovy, high vibes. If you’re not sure where or how to start, “Feeling Good” provides the soundtrack you didn’t know you were looking for. It’s all good energy, setting the stage for listeners to dap themselves up and set those positive affirmations as this chapter closes and the next one begins. Don’t allow yourself to stay trapped in the darkness – it’s good to sit with it, listen to it and learn from it, but make sure you pick yourself up, dust off and start moving again. Regardless of who you do or don’t have around you, listen to that little bit of music in your chest and follow your bliss.

Catch all the vibes below.

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