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Listen Now: Megan Vice & Fake Money - Drop It

It’s a beautiful thing to embrace the art of not giving a fuck. If you’re smart enough to follow Megan Vice on social media, you get the pleasure of catching wind of an artist who basks in the glow of her own aura. And rightfully so. From tongue-in-cheek observations to poignant and intellectual reflections, Vice is something like a powerful enigma that seems to be increasingly more comfortable in her own skin. In a world of people trying too hard to be something – or someone – Megan Vice is a refreshing dose of keeping it real. Of course, this transcends her presence on the internet. All you have to do is press play on literally any record from her catalogue and you’ll experience an eclectic range of artistry emanating from your speakers.

As the era of social distancing and isolation continues, Vice took some time to look within and without. She examined the artist staring back at her in the mirror and reflected on the what, the why and the who when it comes to her and her music. The result of this introspection? Well, “Drop It” is our first taste.

Recognizing the records she’s kept locked in the vault for a number of different reasons, Vice came to a conclusion:

I am a perfectionist to a fault so I’ve decided over the next few weeks, I am going to share some never before heard demo snippets/songs from over the last 5 years that didn’t make the cut, because WHO THE FUCK CARES if that vocal isn’t 100% perfect WHO THE FUCK CARES if you’re unsure how your tongue-in-cheek style will be perceived, if people will think you’re corny, if people will respect it…WHO THE FUCK CARES

“Drop It” comes to us courtesy of a funky lil’ collaboration between Vice and Fake Money. It’s a cut that once again highlights the intricate elegance of Vice’s vocals – you can hear so much passion in her delivery, but she’s doing it all her way. She’s having fun. And, man, that’s really what matters most in the creative process. It’s what helps a good song come to an entirely new life. Because listeners, whether they’re aware of it or not, are able to catch the wave of those vibes. All up on some symbiotic sonic ish. When you couple those sharp chops with the funked the fuck out instrumentation, your social distancing just became a whole lot more vibey.

Stay tuned for more unreleased gems from Megan Vice and press play on “Drop It” below.

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