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Mark Westberg - An Artivist on a Mission


Mark Westberg is a musician of various artistic trades

and talents, hailing originally from Seattle, WA and now currently

residing in Santa Fe, NM. He loves and appreciate a plethora of musical

styles, and personally specializes in the folk punk, grunge, and rock and

roll-influenced genres as a singer-songwriter and occasional band

member. He plays both electric and acoustic guitar, sing, and write

primarily his own material (and sometimes unique renditions of other

people’s work), and he would like to use what he does artistically, and as

a queer and mentally divergent performer, to help inspire others to

express themselves authentically, as well as to live their truth.


He’s a man on a mission and won’t take no for an answer.  Be sure to check him out before he’s a household name!

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