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Make Your Decisions On Love with Pica$$O Redd’s ‘Now or Never’


From Augusta, Georgia, Jakarta Henderson, a.k.a. Pica$$O Redd, controls the vibe of any song he gets on with his powerful voice and versatile and vulnerable lyricism. Pica$$O made his debut on Kidd Shyne’s 2018 single ‘ROCKSTARS’. Since then, he has carved out a unique lane in Georgia’s hip-hop scene.

Ever since he was a child, Pica$$O has had a passion for music. He would sing in choirs and play multiple instruments. To this day, he has found his style in making love songs, which is something you won’t hear a lot from artists in the hip-hop industry.  

According to Pica$$O, a lot of modern rappers try to convey the image of toughness in their music. Most of them won’t touch on feelings of love, heartbreak, rejection, or affection. However, Pica$$O sees things differently and he enjoys sharing his thoughts and emotions with the world. He considers this a kind of toughness.

In January 2020, Pica$$O released ‘Now or Never’. The single is an upbeat love song performed over old-school lo-fi production. ‘Now or Never’ is about the decision to dive into a new love. He shares, “This song feels good and tells a story anyone can relate to when it comes to wanting someone.”


Listen to Pica$$O Redd’s ‘Now or Never’ on YouTube.

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