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Mack B - Music lover devotes life to bringing awareness to struggling artists

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Mackenzie Borys has had a difficult life in many aspects but the constant that’s always been there for him is music. It’s been the saving grace in his life. Just having an outlet, something he can listen to, to calm him, motivate him, inspire him, and fill the void in a healthy way. He is incredibly grateful for all the talented musicians who have supplied him his “medicine”, as he calls it. He knows it’s a long shot, but he would love to return the favour.  

That’s why he started YouTrenDay.  To give back to the people who have given him everything – underground musicians.

YouTrenDay is a free website devoted to helping musicians succeed in the music industry. They offer recognition through online competitions on a regular basis with top-tier prizes such as large sums of cash, features in prestigious blogs, feedback from record labels and potential for contracts from label companies. The winners of these competitions are voted on by the YouTrenDay community, rather than the artists’ respective following, ensuring talent, rather than follower count is rewarded.

They also offer industry knowledge through courses taught by real signed artists and label companies to provide artists with information and guidance straight from the horse’s mouth. 

“There are so many talented musicians that struggle for exposure. I think it’s because succeeding in the music industry without proper guidance is like finding a needle in a haystack, while blindfolded and wearing mitts. It seems as if talent is no longer enough. Musicians nowadays also need to be great marketers and businessmen. I’m tired of how the industry has been operating. It needs to be changed.” – Mack (Founder)

Not every day do people dedicate their lives to bringing awareness the struggling artists – but that’s the power of music.  It can bring out the best in you, if only you allow it to.

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