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Watch Now: Lyle Divinsky - Risk It All (Sugarshack Sessions)

Lyle Divinsky rolls through the Sugarshack Sessions with some simplistic yet emotive storytelling, showcasing a pure country influence on “Risk It All.”

The music manifests organically as Divinsky speaks on the power of love – the oh so magical emotion that’ll make all the sacrifices, risks and journeying worth it. Life is full of blessings, but finding that love – not just love, but love – helps make all the puzzle pieces fit just a little more snug and all the confusion slip into a state of understanding. As he strums away, the captivating guitar cradles the subtle delivery of his vocals, which sound almost as if they’re floating from his physical.

Press play below and throw “Risk It All” on the next mixtape you cook up for that special someone.

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