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Luan Seguim’s ‘Terminator’ Is for People Who Think They Are Alone


Raised in Indiana, Luan Seguim is an up-and-coming Chicago-based indie pop/rock singer. He began his musical journey at the age of 14. Even at such a young age, Luan took inspiration from Queen, AC/DC, David Bowie, Elton John, Elvis, and other leaders of the rock sound at the time.

With a background in classical vocal training, Luan can sing in multiple genres and is most known for his powerful belts and piercingly beautiful head voice. People compare him to Hozier, KennyHoopla, and Panic! At The Disco for his belts. His music contains plenty of classic synth-pop and alternative rock sounds, with mixes of powerful choruses and an upbeat drive.

Luan’s newly released single, ‘Terminator,’ is an aptly named song full of high energy and synthetic drive. His sound is very pop/rock with elements of punk and 80s in this song. For fans of Twenty One Pilots or Fall Out Boy, ‘Terminator” is just the song for you.

Written about Luan’s hardships with the society around him, his message in the song is to inspire young teens to keep fighting life’s challenges around them. He wants his fans to be motivated, to work hard, and become unstoppable like a Terminator.

He shares “I think a lot of people think they are alone in this universe. We all become desperate for help; and can never conquer challenges on our own. ‘Terminator’ is a song about dealing with life’s problems all on your own and building up thicker and stronger skin in the process. I hope ‘Terminator’ encourages this way of life for my fans!”.

The song also heavily plays off the lyrics, making comparisons and word choices based on the actual film. For fans of great music to blockbuster movies such as The Terminator, the song will enchant you with its catchy verses and an unforgettable chorus.

 Listen to Luan Seguim’s ‘Terminator’ on SoundCloud.

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