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Watch Now: Lolo Zouaï - Moi (Live)

Whoa. Issa vibe, issa vibe, issa freakin’ vibe!

The latest Vevo DSCVR performance will have you feeling yourself as Paris-born and Brooklyn-based Lolo Zouaï takes over the studio for a live rendition of “Moi,” a smooth joint that finds life on Lolo’s High Highs To Low Lows project. It’s a genre blending journey from front to back, the singer dancing between bopping electronics, modern pop sounds and sultry, R&B vocals. At one point, “Moi” pops off into a raw, bouncing hip-hop energy, offering a wildly well-rounded listening and viewing experience for Zouaï’s audience.

“Moi” is at once poetic, contemplative and chill, interwoven with sensual, emotive and empowering energy. You’ll get lost in Lolo’s confident and seductive demeanor as the enigmatic songstress dances and bops to her own music – it looks and feels so pure, so authentic and so very real. One gets the sense she’s – rightfully so – feeling herself as she brings “Moi” to life for the Vevo channel. Adding a unique spin to the song, Zouaï delivers her hypnotic prose in both French and English, leaving listeners captivated by her enchanting energy and vocals.

High Highs To Low Lows is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play on the live performance of “Moi” below and then enjoy Lolo’s “High Highs to Low Lows”.

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