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Watch Now: Locksmith - Prison [prod. Kato On The Track]

You’d be well advised to set “Prison” on loop so you can sit back and just allow the latest from Locksmith to run itself back naturally. ‘Cause you will be listening to this one more than once, out of entertainment and out of necessity.

“Prison” leaves no stone unturned as Locksmith goes on a tear throughout the new record that finds life alongside “Clouds” on Lock’s recently released Ali. The track, which is rooted in a strong sense of personal accountability, features the Richmond-based emcee going in on the music industry, the political systems, celebrities and fame, the various means of social conditioning in place, and a whole lot more. Locksmith pulls no punches and cuts straight to the point – there’s no need to dive deep into conspiracy theories when the bullshit is so clearly seen on the surface if you simply open your eyes.

Accountability – holding yourself and others accountable for choices, actions, etc. Locksmith boldly points out that our life and our society is shaped a certain way not by chance but because we have allowed it to, by feeding into and buying into a way of life. And a change will not come about – we will not leave the mental and physical prisons placed upon us – unless we actively push back against that system and stop blindly accepting things as they are.

Fortunately, karma serves as the one true judge, jury and executioner. And karma always comes around. All the fame, money, spotlight, and inauthentic power will hold no weight when your karmic debt is to be paid off.

Like “Clouds”, “Prison” features production that comes courtesy of Kato On The Track. Kato’s instrumentation provides a daunting backdrop upon which Lock lays his verses, knocking heavily on the door in the background. The production is never overbearing, prominently serving a mood and tone-setting role for Locksmith to lace with his gospel.

Locksmith’s new album, Ali, is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. Autographed physical copies of Ali are available via Lock’s official website.

Watch “Prison” below.

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