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Watch Now: Locksmith - Gimme A Sec [prod. Decap]

It’s a short list of artists who come through with the type of passion Locksmith brings forth in every release. Whether you dig into his days as a battle rapper or you focus on his flawless catalogue of full-lengths, the consistency of Lock’s passionate delivery results in music that, time after time, strikes listeners in the deepest, darkest parts of their being.

No matter what subject matter Locksmith’s content is focusing on, or where his aim is directed, the listener has little choice but to quite literally feel the music leaving the speakers. Word after word in bar after bar – and there is usually quite an abundance of bars – hits with a near indescribable force that leaves you deep in thought as the lyrics resonate within you.

Without fail, Locksmith keeps this reign going with his latest release, the sonically unparalleled and aesthetically captivating “Gimme A Sec”.

Fans that have been anticipating new work from the wordsmith will undoubtedly be pleased as they watch and listen to Lock’s new music. And if this is your first time rocking with Locksmith, chances are you’ll be itching to go down the rabbit hole of his previous releases, the majority of which have found their way onto countless EotY lists over the last few years.

Lock has never been one to chase clout and while the opportunity to sell his soul has been available, he’s continuously choosing to take the road paved by no person other than himself. Rather than succumb to the pressure of societal, industry or pop-culture trends, the emcee takes matters into his own hands and uses his intelligence and skill-set to rise above the bullshit that surrounds him. This, coupled with his experiences throughout life, have led to the manifestation of who, what and where Locksmith is at in his life and career.

“Gimme A Sec” is a fiery, aggressive and hard-hitting product, featuring production from Decap, another artist you should already be getting familiar with. With a rapid but clear and annunciated delivery, Lock gives listeners a track that will require numerous playbacks if one hopes to catch each and every bar. Although there is a lot being said, there is no wasted space over the course of the 4-minute record. Really sit with this one and give the song the proper space to allow it’s highest essence to be captured by your ears and mind.

Directed by Jessie Ray Diamond, the “Gimme A Sec” visual experience tells a story in its own right, serving as a fine companion to Lock’s lyrical content and message. Using predominately dark imagery, Locksmith rises from the darkness and breaks down the doors put in place by those who cast shadows with their illusion of power. Rather than wait to be heard, Lock demands a seat at the table by forcing his way into the conversation, ensuring his voice is heard – just as he has made a name for himself, using his voice to be heard despite no major label backing or support.

There’s enough going on in this one to keep listeners occupied for a while but here’s to hoping we get more new music from Locksmith sooner rather than later.

Hit play on “Gimme A Sec” below.

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