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Watch Now: Locksmith - Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay)

Man, what in the actual fuck can even be said about this onslaught Locksmith brought to DJ Kay Slay and Shade 45?

Refusing to let the flu keep him subdued, Lock emerged from his hotel room to absolutely destroy any preconceived notion you may have regarding who’s top 5 dead or alive. ‘Cause, my brothers and sisters, if you don’t recognize the pure lyricism that is Locksmith, then you gotta get your ears, eyes and mind checked.

I’m writing this at a loss for words and, quite frankly, there isn’t much that needs to be addressed as the Richmond, LA-based emcee spends ten minutes filling the instrumental with socially aware references masked as hard hitting bars. It’s the gospel according to Lock; a textbook on what hip-hop as the potential to be. Unabashed, abrasive and mordant in his delivery, Locksmith once again demonstrates how capable he is to consciously go off – dude can write songs and dude can rap. This freestyle is just another example in the ever-growing catalogue of proof.

Lock’s ALI is available everywhere. Smash play below.

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