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Watch Now: Locksmith - Clouds [prod. Kato On The Track & Gummy Beatz]

Over the years, I’ve found there’s something of a process that goes along with experiencing each new release from Locksmith.

Step one is the initial listen. This usually includes a handful of “phew” moments, where I’m simply getting lost in Lock’s flow. I’ll catch myself and try to regain focus until I’m inevitably once again awestruck at the way the Richmond-native is manhandling the alphabet to cook up his content.

For the most part, “phase 1” looks like this:

I’d love to say after one listen through I’m able to get past the impressive nature of what I’ve just heard. But it generally takes me two or three plays through the latest release to finally find a foundation upon which I can be mindful enough to really take in what Locksmith is expressing. To be as articulate as Locksmith is while still flowing with such energy and passion is a feat that should not be slept on – this guy is a top-shelf emcee and has proven time and time again that he’s fully capable of going bar for bar with anyone in your Top 5.

The beautiful thing about my “Lock Listening Process” is the fact the amazement never goes away. Even when I’m able to focus my attention on what he’s saying, the bars hit in such a fierce, thought-provoking manner. And it’s always radiating with a raw authenticity, which amplifies each and every word Lock utilizes to spread his message on wax. And to be saying so much while still coming through with a banger of a record…Your body will be rocking out to the Kato On The Track x Gummy Beatz-produced “Clouds” while your mind expands as Locksmith delivers his gospel.

It’s wild, man. Not many artists straight up leave me feeling simultaneously speechless and like I want to word vomit so many thoughts I can’t even make sense of them all.

“Clouds” will find life on Locksmith’s upcoming Ali album, which is available for preorder here. Watch the Jose Godinez-directed video below.

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