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Watch Now: Locksmith - Bloodline [prod. Mike Topnotch]

Locksmith drops off what may be his most cinematic visual experience to date, as “Bloodline” receives an official treatment courtesy of Jesse Ray Diamond. The video is shot like a movie – an action packed and politically charged movie – with Lock’s music serving as the perfect soundtrack for the images that thunder and roll across the screen. Over the course of the video, viewers witness an all out battle between the resistance and the state as individuals find themselves engaged in violent confrontation with police and SWAT. There are weapons of all sorts involved as the authority attempt to squash the uprising, the video serving as a very symbolic embodiment of the times we find ourselves living in.

Sonically, “Bloodline” is abrasive and powerful in its compelling nature, with Locksmith delivering his impassioned, fiery prose. The lyrics hit like the blunt objects featured throughout the video – hard, fast and with great force. “Bloodline” is a fine blend of personal bars coupled with commentary on societal and cultural issues plaguing life here in the physical, resulting in a record that reveals bits of Lock’s story while still finding solid footing in relatability. At one point, Locksmith switches up his flow as Mike Topnotch’s production calms down momentarily – when he does so, the energy of his delivery subsides but the content of his lyrics remain just as powerful. In an eerie, enigmatic way, the sonic change shines light on the belief that peace is simply intervals between war.

“Bloodline” lives on ALI, available now on all major streaming platforms.

Watch the video below.

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