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Watch Now: Lauren Sanderson - To The People I Hurt

With Midwest Kids Can Make It Big continuing to touch the hearts and minds of her committed community of fans, Lauren Sanderson shares a self-directed visual in support of “To The People I Hurt.” Already a personal record, one that dances wondrously between pages of a diary while rippling out into the sea of relatability, it only makes sense Sanderson would cook up something just as self-aware for the visual experience.

With the song providing the sonic backdrop, the video gives viewers a sense of Lauren’s journey from child to blossoming artist. Through the various clips and interwoven scenes, you can feel the growth, healing and living that has been taking place both behind the scenes and in the spotlight as Sanderson continues to rip down doors and move towards her dreams. We see live performance shots, acoustic sets, candid images backed by beauteous landscapes and, perhaps most touching, home videos of a young Lauren full of youthful magic. It seems as though she’s always enjoyed performing for the camera and it’s a testament to her drive to see where that natural ability to perform has taken her.

Aside from the home videos, the highlight of “To The People I Hurt” comes when viewers witness Lauren connecting with her fans. If you’ve been following her at all, through music or social media, it comes as no surprise there exists a truly authentic love between Lauren and the fanbase that supports her. When this raw connection couples with the very real ability to create true-to-self music, the result is the organic upward trajectory of Lauren Sanderson.

Midwest Kids Can Make It Big is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms and you can cop physical albums as well as other merch here. If you’re digging the music and the movement, be sure to catch Lauren live while she’s on the road throughout March and April.

Catch the feels of “To The People I Hurt” below.

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