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Watch Now: Lauren Sanderson & Chase Atlantic - The Only One (Live)

As the Phases Tour was wrapping up in Silver Spring, Maryland last night, Lauren Sanderson was about to kick off “The Only One” when Chase Atlantic surprised the independent as hell artist by joining her on stage. The unexpected presence of the band only fueled Sanderson’s fiery spirit, helping to ignite an impassioned and impromptu collaboration that left Lauren and the audience with a magical moment to hold onto. And for all of us who weren’t there live, Ryan Watanabe got slick with the camera and captured the memory for the world to see.

There’s a genuine love and appreciation flowing between the collective group of artists, resulting in an aura that is almost visible and an energy that radiates from the performance and, in a very pure fashion, impacts each and every member of the raucous crowd. With Lauren bouncing around the stage, cheesing hard, and Chase Atlantic providing some rocking live instrumentation, the DONT PANIC! cut is elevated to a whole new dimension.

via Instagram (@LaurenSanderson)

Lauren’s Hasta La Vista is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Check out the live performance below.

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