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Watch Now: Kyle Bent - Vision & Goals

Kyle Bent takes a ride in the way back machine for his latest set of visuals, bringing “Visions & Goals” to fiery life. The record, originally released in 2016, plays more like a poignant spoken word than a typical rap cut – and this, without question, only serves to add to the overarching essence of the track. Powerful and sharp, “Visions & Goals” features an aggressive yet eerily composed delivery from Bent, who fills the brooding sonic landscape with deep rooted ethereal prose.

A foreshadowing of the, for lack of a better term, awakening that has been taking place since the OG release, “Visions & Goals” speaks on the mental and spiritual liberation that’s freeing spirits from the illusions, shackles and conditioning that has plagued mankind for the better part of history. Part warning, part call to action, Bent utilizes the music to let it be known that the times are a changin’. He speaks on the innate power and divinity that exists within us all – a superpower, so to speak, that has been hidden from our perception due to generations of conditioning. “Visions & Goals” covers a lot of ground, from gratitude and patience to perseverance and self determination.

Unconventional in nature, “Visions & Goals” is situated within the sonic confines of anarchic production. As the instrumentation rolls along, knocking heavy with each bit of progression, it elevates the alchemic energy of the lyrical content. Stemming from being frustrated and fed up, the production couples with Bent’s words to flip the potentially negative energy into something radiating with hope, drive and bright light. “Visions & Goals” feels like an uprising, the perfect soundtrack to the ignition of a revolution.

“Visions & Goals” lives on Bent’s COMPLEX SIMPLICITY, which is available here.

Watch the M9 Visuals-captured flick below.

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