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Watch Now: Kuf Knotz & Christine Elise - Open Heart (Sugarshack Sessions)

When I heard Kuf Knotz and Christine Elise for the first time, I was floored by the captivating balance of flowing lyricism and airy vocals, packaged together within the sonic confines of the mood enhancing instrumentation. As noted, “Spirit Walk” is a vibe.

Having already fallen in love with their sounds, I was more than eager to press play on “Open Heart.” Well, the latest from the good people at Sugarshack somehow manages to take things to an even higher peak as Knotz and Christine bring to life a musical experience that is at once a deep dive inward and outward. “Open Heart” is like a manifestation through sound of all that is within you and all that is without you.

The performance kicks off with Elise’s harp, which becomes amplified by the trance inducing, otherworldly delivery she laces upon the hypnotic plucking. Her ethereal vibrations emit as if they were the soundtrack serving as a prelude to an approaching adventure – one could certainly find the first three minutes of “Open Heart” situated as the sonic backdrop to the opening segments of a film. And all of this is highlighted by the ever so subdued essence of the accompanying instruments as they gentle add light accents to Christine’s delivery.

After the scene is properly set by Elise, Kuf Knotz enters with free flowing streams of spoken word. The audience can close their eyes and picture the vivid images of life he is painting with his prose – it’s powerful, relatable and radiating with a raw aura of authenticity. The content of Knotz’ lyrics are deep and thought-provoking, but never forced or “woke” simply for the sake of being “woke.” Delivered with a gentle tongue, a whole new dimension is added to the already elevated “Open Heart.”

As the performance continues, new layers unfold through the building energy captured within the live instrumentation. And, in perfect time, certain elements fade out as “Open Heart” returns to the cloak of calm it originated with.

Chills, man. This one is beautiful.

Experience the vibes below.

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