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Watch Now: KOTA the Friend - CAMP

I may be arriving late to the party, but I’m grateful to have stumbled upon KOTA The Friend while searching for new music this afternoon. Immediately captivated by the unique energy KOTA brings forth, I’ve enjoyed my trip down the rabbit hole of his catalogue thus far, finding a well juxtaposed balance of a laid back demeanor with the pure, relatable content he presents.

“CAMP” serves as an ode to KOTA’s team, with the Brooklyn-based artist paying tribute to the people who have stayed true while he worked on his come-up. Over the course of the self-aware record, KOTA also expresses his gratitude for the shady people who have “stabbed [him] in the back”, showcasing a mature outlook on life’s experiences and lessons. He’s able to reflect on where he came from and send gratitude up for where he’s made it thus far. And, as vibration and energy work, this state of mind will only serve to bring more blessings into his life.

With a simple and melodic delivery, KOTA’s “CAMP” is a high-vibe track that finds an equilibrium thanks to his mild-mannered, unconventional aura. Lyrically, “CAMP” is upbeat and positive yet KOTA’s energy is kept low-key, resulting in a unique sonic experience. There is a bonafide authenticity to KOTA, present in “CAMP” and the rest of the music I’ve heard so far today. Because of this, the listener becomes hooked on KOTA’s words, feeling a sense of trust as the artist floats over the self-produced song.

For the visual treatment, KOTA continues the vibe set forth in the music, keeping everything simple and straightforward. In what could easily be mistaken for a still frame, viewers witness KOTA recite his prose as the lyrics roll across the bottom of the screen. With the exception of his lips moving, there is minimal action featured in the video. Again, there’s something unique about the artist, as his energy radiates through despite wildly low-key mannerisms and delivery.

“CAMP” is available now for your listening pleasure on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. You can also find KOTA’s latest release, the Jacob Brock-featured “Smile For Me”, here.

Press play on the video, or listen via SoundCloud, below.

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