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Listen Now: Khary - Revenge Of The Intern [prod. woahitskyle]

Fuck, man. When Khary said, “I’m more stubborn than talented,” that shit hit different. Of course, the bar is debatable from a fan’s perspective but the essence of the line paints a beautiful picture of risking an “easy” life to instead embark on the path of one’s dreams, goals and visions. And that’s what Khary has done – and continues to do as he prepares for the forthcoming release of IS.

“Revenge Of The Intern” serves as a slight call back to vibes of Khary’s 2016 release, intern aquarium. But, as we reach 4th quarter 2019, it comes complete with the heart, drive and power of an individual who has refused to compromise his personal or artistic integrity for the sake of fitting into the box. We’re living in a limbo, in regards to music, where mainstream appeal is twofold: the masses still eat up the cookie cutter content, but more and more people are continuously searching for – and finding – the raw art that arises from honest emotion, darkness, trials, tribulations and the pursuit of light. It might be a slower climb to forge ahead on your own path, but the organic build that stems from the seeds of authenticity reaps the greatest rewards.

With his latest record, Khary comes through with unabashed emotion and storytelling. What makes it all the more beautiful is that it’s his story – and the truth radiating from his prose allows for a near immediate connection with the audience. Because, at the end of the day, even if we’re living different lives, “Revenge Of The Intern” becomes a wholly relatable stream of consciousness. Not everyone is willing to take the risks and make the sacrifices – which is why so many people end up working their regular ass jobs, clocking in and clocking out as disgruntled employees. “Revenge Of The Intern” is a testament to the freedom that comes from following your heart. That freedom is seldom easy, but there’s a weird sense of comfort that creeps in when you’re living in the light of your personal legend.

Word to The Alchemist. 

For the new joint, Khary links with woahitskyle, a young producer who laces “Revenge Of The Intern” with some unique instrumentation. It’s energetic and chaotic, but eerily consoling. Together, the lyrical content and the production work together to reveal an honest portrayal of the path less traveled – it’s not all sunshine and roses on the surface; shit gets wild sometimes. But the liberation from the chains of control lift you up.

On a random note, Khary dropped “I forgot to tat my face this morning” on the day my car was totaled by a driver who ran a red light. And today, with the release of “Revenge Of The Intern,” I found myself behind the wheel of a new car. Strange little synchronicity, but I got a special place in my heart for this dude’s music.

“Revenge Of The Intern” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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