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Listen Now: Khary - Kuwabara Freestyle [prod. Shanks & J Valle]

My favorite and least favorite part about writing is when I get stuck trying to find the words to describe someone or something. I’m sitting at this very blockage right now, unsure how to properly convey exactly what it is about Khary that makes his music so gosh darn appealing. There is a lot of music that appeals to me, for a variety of different reasons. But there’s only a small list of artists who make music that evokes a very specific emotional response from my head and my heart. What I’ve found over the last couple years is Khary has planted a flag within the hallowed grounds of my personal list – regardless of the vibe, energy or emotion his music comes with, it has a proven track record of leaving me feeling a certain type of way that really can’t be described or defined.

While the details of his next project are few and far between, word on the street his socials is IS has been replaced with the full-length THIS IS WEIRD. Although I’m always looking forward to the next drop from Khary, I’m perfectly content knowing the wait will be more than worth it. In the meantime, it looks like we may be finding ourselves on the receiving end of some loosies from the enigmatic artist. Tonight, Khary shares the Shanks and J Valle-produced “Kuwabara Freestyle.”

In true Khary fashion, “Kuwabara” is painfully honest – as beautiful as the music is, there’s an aching essence of discomfort and struggle present within the prose. That said, there is also a radiating sense of reflective self-awareness. Listeners experience a wide open door into the headspace of a young man who is traveling a path that leads towards unconventional dreams. It’s not easy. It was never supposed to be easy. And it’s hard not to consider where his life may be had he taken the road more often traveled. All of this becomes amplified when the socio-political and economic realities of our world and culture are brought into the picture. The playing field is not fair, it’s not balanced, it’s not designed for dreamers to achieve their dreams – especially when it comes to a black man creating art like Kharys.

And yet he still pushes forward. He may be glaring out his blinds with a bit of uncertainty and bitterness at what he sees, but he carries his load and forges towards the wild and crazy and far from easily attainable goals, dreams and visions he has set for himself. At the end of the day, no matter how hard the path gets, it would prove to be more difficult not to.

For that reason alone, one should never question his heart, his motivation or his “why.”

Serious daps and pounds to Shanks and J Valle for the instrumentation. Subdued in its vibrancy, the track glides along in a smooth fashion, remaining simple while inspiring a thought-provoking energy as it couples with Khary’s delivery.

Press play on “Kuwabara” below.

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