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Listen Now: Khary - i wish you love (freestyle) [prod. Austin Marc]

You’ve probably seen that adorable and amazing video of Miu Miu performing “I Wish You Love.” If not, you should check it out because it’s really heartwarming. Having seen it, Khary hit up Austin Marc to see if he could flip the performance into a beat. And now we get a little treat to hold us over until Khary continues the roll-out of his forthcoming and highly anticipated This Is Weird.

Khary and Austin’s rendition of the song features a unique flip, centering on reflection, acceptance and a touch of heartbreak that still lingers. We get a sense of a connection that used to exist, while toying with the strings that haven’t entirely been cut yet. Throughout the freestyle, Khary dances with an angsty maturity – he’s rapping about what could have been but it’s clear his focus is on what is. It’s like a quick purge of emotion; feelings that serve better as a song as opposed to a bitter text to an ex.

While you wait for This Is Weird, you can enjoy “Planet Earth.”

Listen to and watch “i wish you love” below.

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