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Watch Now: Khary - I forgot to tat my face this morning [prod. Tedd Boyd]

THIS drops in about 10 minutes.

Earlier today, Khary let loose one more track off the forthcoming project and it certainly lives up to the “this is weird” sentiment that’s fueling the Rhode Island-bred creative. Honestly, at the risk of making this too personal and all that shit, “I forgot to tat my face this morning” is currently reminding me of all the reasons I love music – not that I ever really forgot, but this one is hitting me in the feels. Maybe for all the wrong reasons or maybe for all the right ones, but it’s got me in the emotions regardless.

I was driving home from work today and my car was hit by an older gentleman who ran a red light. Long story short, my car is totaled and the accident was deemed “no fault” due to no witnesses and it being my word against his. So, I’m without a car – that I was making payments on – and insurance is telling me they won’t cover it. But, man, when I finally got back around my computer and sat down to “I forgot to tat my face this morning,” everything became OK. I mean, it always was OK. And it is OK. The music just hit me different…and when it hit, everything felt lifted. I found myself lost – and found – in Khary’s ethereal prose. The passion behind his delivery, the rawness of his content, the layered depth of what he’s saying – it brought me from the cloudy darkness I was feeling and rocketed me to a place of acceptance, understanding and peace. This joint helped me maneuver through the bullshit – and I’m not exactly sure why or how or any of that. It’s not an overly uplifting record, it certainly doesn’t dance with themes of self-help or overtly positive messages. But it was exactly what I needed – from Khary’s lyrics to Tedd Boyd’s enigmatic production – to step back from my temporary situation and look at the bigger picture.

This is not one of my better or more in depth write-ups. And, for that, I apologize to Khary as “I forgot to tat my face this morning” is honestly worthy of quite a bit of proper examination. It’s beautiful, morbid, distorted and unique. It’s weird. And it’s a testament to the authenticity that encompasses Khary’s art. But, at least in this moment, “I forgot to tat my face this morning” was the medicine that helped ground me emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Jonathan Benavente brings the track to life through a very simple yet wildly complex visual experience. Sitting in front of multiple monitors, Khary takes on what almost feels like an alien-esque form as he watches previously released videos. I’m really enjoying the peculiar ways in which these guys continue to say so much with so little. It’s a singular, stationary scene that comes to vibrant life.

Stay tuned for THIS and watch “I forgot to tat my face this morning” below.

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