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Watch Now: Khary - Elmer's [prod. Mike Irish]

“Elmer’s” serves as the first look into part one of Khary’s forthcoming trilogy of projects, with THIS set for release on June 27th. The single is a beautifully composed record that balances an engaging sonic foundation with thought-provoking, reflective content. Throughout “Elmer’s,” Khary kicks his prose with a blended delivery, as his emotive energy captures the highs and lows of the encompassing vibe. Helping to bring the record to life is Mike Irish, who comes through with harmonious instrumentation that manages to cradle the relaxed, contemplative aura of Khary.

The song dances with the struggle of accepting the inevitable transition from childhood into adulthood – not necessarily with “growing up”, but rather coming to terms with being OK with the uncertainty that is growing up. “Elmer’s” sees Khary maneuvering through the confusion and finding a level of clarity through acceptance. There’s a sense of holding on to the inner-child while remaining open to the evolution and growth that comes naturally with being alive. With “Elmer’s,” Khary is finding his peace and recognizing that things – life – may never make sense, but one must continue to live, grow and experience all that life has to offer. We’ll feel pain, we’ll get hurt, we’ll fall down – but it’s these experiences that shape us and, in turn, make us stronger and more able to keep on moving forward.

Jonathan Benavente handles the directorial duties for the visual treatment, capturing the nostalgia of “Elmer’s” majestically. The video feels like a live action photograph that is sure to send viewers down memory lane into their own childhoods. The shots of toys, swings and Khary sitting criss-cross applesauce help manifest the innocence of adolescence, which couples wondrously with Khary’s lyrical content. Between the track itself and the accompanying visual, we’re left with a powerful underlying message: hang on to the memories and good vibes of your childhood but don’t be afraid to allow yourself to move on and grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

“Elmer’s” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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