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Watch Now: Khary - 2 [prod. Camden Bench]

Ya’ll ever experience that type of connection that makes you feel like you’re alive for the first time? That type of person that just hits different, when the feelings are mutual and you help each other build towards your unique greatest versions. “2” dances beautifully with the essence of this symbiotic love, as Khary takes listeners on a mood-inducing journey into the purest of emotions.

The latest from the Rhode Island-bred and LA-based artist serves as a smooth ode to a special someone. Of course, the track – and the artist – does a wonderful job keeping things fairly ambiguous. We don’t learn who he’s speaking on, or if this person exists in the physical. And if you follow Khary on social media, there certainly haven’t been any public displays of affection. Which leaves the audience wondering if “2” is a vision board-esque fantasy or perhaps aimed at someone or something outside the realm of intimacy. Fuck it, though. Let your mind wander and get lost in the picturesque sonic landscape that is “2.”

“2” is housed within the properly enigmatic production that comes courtesy of Camden Bench, who laces the record with a subtle yet emotive bop. Khary takes the instrumentation and quite literally (ok, maybe figuratively) floats over it, as his direct and transparent delivery sounds as though it’s drifting with the clouds. “2” features slick wordplay but Khary still leaves it all on the surface, his heartspace radiating from the depths of his being and running down his proverbial sleeves. Throughout the new release, Khary paints lyrical displays of unconditional connection, where our protagonist and his muse are compatible through their similarities and differences. As such, they can both be genuine and real, without the need to put on a mask and live as an illusion of someone or something else.

The new single comes complete with a Jonathan Benavente-captured “mood visual,” which is kept simple yet – without surprise – remains powerful, bringing to life the vibe of the record itself.

“2” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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